--- Comment #9 from Mykola Krachkovsky <> ---
Ok, so what I've found, problem seems is in calling of some of static
initializers of RemoteKeyboardService or its super classes
(InputMethodService?). This static initializer works fine if first access to
class is made from gui thread (and fails when from non-gui). Adding nothing
doing log to MainActivity:

Log.d("MainActivity", "Current RemoteKeyboardPlugin instance: " +

Fixes future call and everything seems works fine after that.
Sounds crazy. It looks like some bug of Android 4.4 to me. I'm not sure how to
fix it properly, calling log looks too hacky.

I've tried to access InputMethodService.BACK_DISPOSITION_DEFAULT but that
hadn't effect.

I'm not sure about static initializers, but couldn't find anything else.

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