--- Comment #5 from Matthieu Gallien <> ---
(In reply to Nate Graham from comment #4)
> (In reply to Alexander Stippich from comment #3)
> > Imho neither option is good. First cover doesn't make any sense.
> That's true, yeah.
> > Currently playing album would just duplicate the header bar.
> Hmm, that's also true.
> > I added the icon because I wanted to provide some recognition for the user
> > with view selector on the left and the different views. If the icon is
> > considered too ugly, I would opt to just remove it again.
> At least with the Breeze icon set, I think it is rather ugly at that
> size--but more importantly, it's not necessary. It doesn't communicate any
> information about anything. My vote would be to remove it.

I had ask Alex to add it because other views have already big icons. I was
always unsure about it? Alex, can you remove it ?

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