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So, this turns out to be a driver problem...

11:13:30 < Gremriel> Good morning
11:14:34 < Gremriel> I just updated to 4.01, and now I have this black shape
just below my cursor. Any ideas on 
                     how to get rid of it? It wasn't there in 4.0 or other
11:15:11 <@boud> I've heard of that before, but I don't exactly remember what
was up with that.
11:15:18 <@boud> it's not something Krita draws, though...
11:15:32 <@boud> let me check bugzilla
11:16:02 <@boud> ttps://
11:16:15 <@boud> The reporter never got back to me with my questions...
11:16:27 <@boud> no wonder that I didn't remember the resolution
11:18:36 <@boud> so... 
11:18:42 <@boud> questions for you:
11:18:50 < Gremriel> yes?
11:19:14 <@boud> Does the black bar disappear if you disable canvas
acceleration in settings/configure krita/display?
11:19:23 < Gremriel> let me check
11:20:44 < Gremriel> makes no difference, I'm afraid
11:22:16 <@boud> okay
11:22:26 <@boud> then let's check what happens if you disable the cursor
11:22:52 <@boud> settings;/configure krita/general/cursor/Outline Shape
11:24:08 < Gremriel> makes no difference :(
11:24:49 <@boud> then I'm beginning to think that it might be a windows
thing... Did you also recently get a windows update?
11:26:15 < Gremriel> one sec
11:26:21 < Gremriel> just noticed something
11:26:34 < Gremriel> ok
11:27:05 < Gremriel> I have Krita open on  my Cintiq 27, and the black bar
11:27:08 < Gremriel> but
11:27:33 < Gremriel> when I drag Krita to the other monitor, the black bar
11:27:58 <@boud> Could it be some wacom driver feature?
11:28:02 < Gremriel> (when I switch monitors, so the cursor is on the primary
11:28:18 <@boud> I would also try to go to Settings/Pen & Windows Ink and try
to disable visual effects and show 
11:28:27 < Gremriel> it's back when I drag Krita to the Cintiq again
11:31:11 <@boud> I'm linux now, so I cannot check the wacom options, but I'm
suspecting it might something in there
11:31:24 < Gremriel> The black bar only appears in the canvas area, not when
the cursor is over dockers or menu's
11:32:00 <@boud> Gremriel: and over the scratch pad in the brush editor?
11:33:06 < Gremriel> @Boud in the scratchpad it's gone, it shows an arrow with
a squigly line below, which I assume is normal
11:33:34 <@boud> hm, that doesn't use any of the brush outline modes, but a
normal cursor, so that's not conclusive :-(
11:35:20 <@boud> Gremriel: apart from checking the wacom settings and the
windows pen settings, I'm a bit out of clues now.
11:36:16 < Gremriel> I turned of the settings in Windows Pen, which doesnt
help, and I'm not sure where to look for anything curor related in the Wacom
11:36:59 < Gremriel> is there a zip file available for v4 I could use to check
11:37:04 <@boud> sure
11:37:16 <@boud> We even have nightly builds:
11:37:42 <@boud> and older versions are here:
11:37:45 < Gremriel> I haven't used Krita for a bit before I upgraded, but I
did upgrade my video driver
11:37:53 <@boud> the bug report dates back to 2016, though
11:38:09 <@boud> so I am pretty sure it's not a recent regression in our code
11:38:12 < Gremriel> I've seen it before, a long time ago,
11:39:11 < Gremriel> there isn't a v4 on
11:39:30 <@boud> Gremriel: no, v4 is too new. Those are here:
11:40:08 < Gremriel> ok, thanks
11:42:49 < Gremriel> @boud Ok, it's there in v4 as well now. It wasn't there
before, but I hadn't used Krita in a couple of weeks. The only thing that
changed is I updated my nVidia drivers
11:43:17 < Gremriel> I'l try to roll that update back, see if that makes a
11:55:01 < Gremriel> @Boud I rolled back to previous nvdia driver, rebooted and
now the black bar is gone in v4.01

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