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If you don't want to add the feature, that's fine, but your reason doesn't add

>where the primary purpose is to navigate to a specific window, folder, or file

It's easier to navigate when the directories are cleanly separated from the
files. Hence why the feature existed in the first place and why I asked for it
to return.

>Split view is useful for managing and comparing files in multiple directories

I have no idea how it's useful for that. You have a single list of files, what
exactly are you comparing it with?

>or moving/copying files between them

Since split view is incapable of "moving/copying" between "them", them being on
the left side only directories and the right side being only files, where one
cannot appear in the other, I have no idea what you're talking about.

To me it sounds like you're thinking of something other than KDE 3's split
viewing window that was provided during open/save.

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