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I agree with you the default should be what people see elsewhere so KDE doesn't
seem alien. However I think KDE would be better with having this feature as an
option (which is not the default) as it is did back in KDE 3. Windows used to
have it, and one of the reasons I stopped using Windows is that they dropped

I kind of miss the days when we used to joke about how KDE never met an option
it didn't like.

>But thanks for replying on this 10-year old bug!

Well, I'm still here, and I still care!
I'm actually amazed someone is still looking at these after not hearing
anything in years. I for the most part stopped filing bug reports with KDE
because they rarely seem to be looked at let alone fixed.

I'm finding some KDE 5 applications segfault at times, the file copy dialog
seems to be leaking RAM until it finishes copying, or Dolphin usability is way
poorer than it should be, but I didn't bother taking the time to report things
anymore, because it didn't look like the current KDE developers care about
stability and usability like they used to.

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