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Created attachment 111987
Example of Oxygen decorations for similar setup

And attached here is what happens when I select "Oxygen" in the combo-box
displayed in the Widget Style and Behavior setting show in the screen shot
111984.  Notice that no longer are there any system decorations and the window
can't be moved and resized in a conventional way.  There is a title bar of
sorts, but that is the default Qt QDockWidget title bar, non-custom.  The
buttons on that title bar are used to re-dock to the main window (which can't
be done in the Qt sense when the window becomes toplevel).  That secondary
title bar is also present in the Fusion example, 111986.

I've also shown in this attachment the taskbar icon to illustrate that the two
windows I floated appear in the taskbar--which is correct, that is what should
happen.  If these were normal Qt QDockWidget behavior, the child windows
wouldn't have an associated taskbar icon.

I'll also note that when I select "Oxygen" from the list, the system window
decorations remain.  It is when I dock then refloat the QDockWidgets that the
decorations go away.  That is why I suggest that Oxygen realizes that the
QDockWidgets become "NET::Dock", but in the transition to a normal window,
Oxygen is not realized the QDockWidgets should become "NET::Normal" or some
other category for which "noborder" turns out to be "false" once run through
that case statement.

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