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as mentioned, I just hadn't used digikam for some time (about 6 months).
there was no dialog whatsoever, just something about looking for something and
the the error popup.

apparently you expect some sort of user action, but I never got anything beyond
the above and then the crash.

"I think that we can not solve the problem with such an old database."

it's not quite comprehensible for me how the database can be that old -- I use
debian/sid and update almost every day. looks like some sort of communication
trouble if you can make such large jumps without distributions noticing.

"The best way will be to create a new database."

care to elaborate? 

- how do I do that?
- what files need to be deleted/moved?
- what information will be lost?

digikam should do exactly that, shouldn't it?
notfiying me about the issue, offering to create a new db (and most
importantly, clearly stating the consequences - what information will be
from your description I still don't understand why digikam fails to solve the
issue on its own.

Remember: didgikam doesn't even START! whatever needs to be done is obviously
more that digikam is able to handle and it doesn't tell me anything either.

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