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Quick feedback:
- Image count in fullscreen looks great. Only the linebreaks for long filenames
look a bit odd, we should not regress on that. Will need lots of testing, also
with all of the configuration options this toolbar provides. One idea would be
to anchor the filename top-left, and the counter bottom-right for the
multi-line case.
- There are already lots of items in the window title, no need to add on top of
- It might also be worth thinking about Browse mode at the same time to provide
a consistent experience (wording, content, positioning).

In View mode, there are some issues (which your screenshot does not show,
because it does not show the full window and not the default window size ;)

See for some screenshots where it is very
clear that there is absolutely no more space we can fit anything in. On the
contrary, we might have to think about removing or rearranging things, to get
the minimum window width down again. Next, a user interface, i.e. the status
bar in our case, becomes less usable once we cram too many items in and the
information and button density becomes too high.

I thought about displaying the image count somewhere else, e.g. in the toolbar,
in the sidepanel or as an overlay. However, all of those options are not very
appealing. What we could do here is to only display the label if there is
enough space, i.e. based on the width of the label plus a (generous!) amount of
whitespace on both sides. To improve grouping, I'd probably also prefer
centering the label.

@Nate: Do you think we need "Document 1 of 2", or is "1 of 2" or "1/2" (which
is what the old Gwenview showed) good enough? For example in Okular's page
counter (which is a bit different, but relevant nevertheless) it says "1 of 2".

(Also, we might need to rethink the "Document" wording, because Okular is the
document viewer which can view images too, but Gwenview is an image viewer
which can view document-like images…)

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