Bug ID: 393100
           Summary: Information when failed "Send File"
           Product: kdeconnect
           Version: 1.3
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: android-application
  Target Milestone: ---

I wish for an option to have in the KDE Connect application is to gain
information when something failed to send (for both phone and desktop).

I have the ports open for my firewall open (both UDP & TCP). Everything besides
transfer file works (it works when I flush my firewall).

On that note I also noticed that this application sends fragmented packages, I
have a filter to filter out such packages (which means the rule to make it work
I have to have the ports open above these rules, this is a non-issue):

iptables -A INPUT -m state --state INVALID -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -p TCP --tcp-flags ALL ALL -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -p TCP --tcp-flags ALL NONE -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -p TCP ! --syn -m state --state NEW -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -m icmp --icmp-type address-mask-request -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -m icmp --icmp-type timestamp-request -j DROP

Minor issue but a good option in settings would be appreciated.

I don't think this says anything but I am using KDE connect on Solus. Sorry for
being extra clear on my description.

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