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           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |,
                   |                            |
             Status|UNCONFIRMED                 |CONFIRMED
            Summary|KDE should create link to   |Unify the two "Create New >
                   |URL automatically instead   |Link to..." entries into a
                   |of warn if you try to       |single one that's
                   |create a symlink            |intelligent enough to
                   |                            |handle whatever the user
                   |                            |throws at it
          Component|general                     |general
           Assignee|        |
           Keywords|                            |usability
            Version|unspecified                 |5.45.0
     Ever confirmed|0                           |1
            Product|kfile                       |frameworks-kio

--- Comment #1 from Nate Graham <> ---
Hmm, this seems to have regressed since it was originally reported. As of KDE
Frameworks 5.45, [Create New > Basic link to file or directory > enter
"trash:/" as the path] will now blindly create an invalid symlink instead of
even warning you. :/

Perhaps what we should really do is have one "Create link" item that's
intelligent enough to figure out how to create the link irrespective of whether
you specify a local path, a remote path, a web URL, a URL to a KIOSlave, or
anything else that's linkable.

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