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> putting the zoom modes in the toolbar
The zoom functions should be grouped together, and the zoom level slider in the
bottom right is iconic for Gwenview and standard in most graphics apps. Thus,
you'd have to present a very convincing new design which has massive
improvements, before there will be agreement to such a changeā€¦

> If we go with "1 of 50", and get rid of "document"
> (which I agree is confusing), what do we do in Browse?
That's why I suggested to also think about Browse mode ;)

I could imagine something like "1 of 2 selected", or if nothing is selected
perhaps "4 images | 2 videos", with the last part hidden if there are no
videos? Adding both numbers only to have a total does not seem too useful. Or
some combination thereof?

Dolphin has "2 folders, 3 files (4KiB)", which also provides value. Why not
"files", and some size information?

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