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(In reply to Henrik Fehlauer from comment #18)
> > putting the zoom modes in the toolbar
> The zoom functions should be grouped together, and the zoom level slider in
> the bottom right is iconic for Gwenview and standard in most graphics apps.
> Thus, you'd have to present a very convincing new design which has massive
> improvements, before there will be agreement to such a changeā€¦

Good point about grouping all the zoom functions. I retract my idea :P

> > If we go with "1 of 50", and get rid of "document"
> > (which I agree is confusing), what do we do in Browse?
> That's why I suggested to also think about Browse mode ;)
> I could imagine something like "1 of 2 selected", or if nothing is selected
> perhaps "4 images | 2 videos", with the last part hidden if there are no
> videos? Adding both numbers only to have a total does not seem too useful.
> Or some combination thereof?

> Dolphin has "2 folders, 3 files (4KiB)", which also provides value. Why not
> "files", and some size information?

"Files" is too broad I think, and it would be weird if Dolphin said "7 files"
and Gwenview said "6 Files" because one was a zip file. Gwenview should make it
clear it's only counting media files.

We could do something similar to Dolphin though: show "4 images, 2 videos" when
nothing is selected. And display "2 of 6 selected (356KiB)" when one or more
items are selected.
(Perhaps this would be best put in a different patch though.)

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