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Hello, I started to look into the write issue. Though I still believe the
Apache sshd should get updated maybe the read issue can be prevented in some
other way as well. I get the gut feeling that the raised issue here has to do
with the Android storage access framework (SAF) introduced in Kitkat with some
larger changes in Lollipop.

I see in the code that you use SAF in the share plugin, so if you want to send
a file. For sending a file accessing the SD card access works fine. When
browsing the phone from KDE it seems that SAF is not being used but that Apache
sshd does all the work (which is a Java lib and not specifically for Android,
hence it doesn't now these specifics and will never know about them).

Unfortunately I still don't understand the architecture of kde connect too
well. Hence, currently I don't have an idea how to fix it. HELP! :-) I willing
to look more into the issue, but I believe in order to help here (is that help
wanted? If not please let me know) I need some insight into how kde connect
works internally. If you are willing to give these insight and discuss this
topic I believe that this bug tracker is the wrong place. Are there any
proposals on how to continue on this?

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