Bug ID: 393145
           Summary: Drag/drop (mv) of preselected item causes inline
                    rename of next item
           Product: dolphin
           Version: 17.12.3
          Platform: Gentoo Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: view-engine: details mode
  Target Milestone: ---

This happens always but needs to be replicated exactly.
I have only tested it with details view and inline rename enabled.

1. Open dolphin at any path that belongs to the active user
2. Select (just highlight) an item, file or folder, that has write permission
(thus can be renamed)
3. Click the same item and drag it towards a panel or the address bar (I always
drop it as a move operation but the bug happens  before that)
4. Notice that an inline rename has been initiated during the drag operation.
5. Drop the item so as to move it to another folder
6. Notice that the inline rename is still there even though the item was moved
and the total items are reduced by one.

Here is the serious part of the bug:
The inline rename is now for the **next** item on the list. The pre-filled
filename is that of the moved file. Thus if any action validates the rename
operation (a click, enter, or anything else), a file (or folder, this applies
to any item that is rename-able) is renamed by accident to the name of the
moved file. The only option at that point is to press ESC.

A typical case for me that causes this error:
A folder with a long list of files in it. I'm looking for a certain file, so I
just type the first few letters to automatically select it. The file is now
highlighted. I click to move it and... the bug appears.
A work around I usually use is: once a file is selected, I cut via keyboard,
then right click on the destination to paste.

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