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(In reply to Alexey Min from comment #9)
> According to phoronix article [1] 4.16 kernel had lots of changes to AMDGPU
> DC stack, especially this "Multi-Display Sync" thing, whatever it is, and
> you have 3 sccreens, right...?

Yeah you're right, 4.16 did change things. I do indeed use multiple screens, so
I guess there lays the problem.

(In reply to Alexey Min from comment #9)
> Obviously you can stay on 4.15 for a looong time, because Gentoo only has
> 4.9 as stable kernel version.

I mean, I can, but I use the newest kernel because I'm using quite recent
hardware and I'd like to have the best support possible. 4.16 is another
example that added new stuff that my hardware uses which I'd like to make use
of (Freesync for example), so I'm not really willing to stay behind.

Can I do something else to get some more detailed info?

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