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Here is something I just discovered; perhaps it may enlighten the issue a bit.

Only qupzilla is available on my other systems.  But I was curious to see if
qupzilla has this issue.  I tried the "--new-tab" option and it behaves the
same way as with falkon (described here in this bug, opening 2 tabs).   But
qupzilla does support "-new-tab" and that option does work as expected.

IOW, qupzilla supports both "-new-tab" and "--new-tab" whereas the former is
not supported by falkon.  This may indicate that the code for only one of these
was pulled along in the switch to falkon; maybe it would be preferable to pull
the other code along and drop the code which did make it in?

At any rate, maybe this will help illuminate the source of the current bug, or
a solution to it.

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