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I played around a bit with Python and animation and this is kind of where it
stands with doing animation related things

You can access to see if a node (layer) has animation turned on. 
You can enable animation for the layer. Animation is off by default for a

You can then use actions to do some animation functions

python stuff I did in the internal scripter...

import sys
from krita import *

for doc in Krita.instance().documents():
    print( doc.activeNode().animated())

    # grab and call an existing action

...end python code

I think just about all the animation actions right now are in the krita.action
file. There should be an "action" folder in your installation where you can see
them all. They are just big XML files.

I don't see any actions with "go to frame #". There are a lot of actions with
play/stop, previous/next frame, and inserting/deleting frames.

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