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Pop-up palette multi-click 'quick zoom' idea.

I totally agree with that, Scott. It'd be best to have a comprehensive vision
for the pop-up palette based on all of the user feedback.

Having said that, I have done a little bit of personal brainstorming on this
particular idea among others. For example, I've been sitting on a patch with a
small change that doesn't add or remove any buttons, menus, or other widgets.
Instead, I've been messing with what's already there by allowing the user to
use different clicks on the "quick zoom" button for different, common zoom
levels. (For example, left click for 100%, right click for fit to page, shift
left click for 200%, etc.) This is a pretty subtle and unobtrusive change to
the UI that just adds a touch more flexibility to what's already there. I'll
attach the work-in-progress patch here so you and others can check it out.

But again, I agree with your general sentiment here: it's better to gather a
bunch of data and come up with a bigger, broader strategy for the pop-up
palette than it is to just tackle one mini-feature at a time. I've developed
some more opinions on that over the last few days of testing different things
out - mainly that simplicity and optimizing space is key, in my opinion. Hence
the focus on using other clicks and modifiers to extend what's already there.

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