--- Comment #17 from Marcel Martin <> ---
I can reliably reproduce this crash on Kubuntu 18.04. I tried to debug it using
the Git version of print-manager. I’m not familiar with the code, so I don’t
think I can submit a patch, but I think I can pinpoint the problem.

The crash occurs in line 328 in JobModel.cpp (in JobModel::updateJob()):

The line is:

if (item(pos, ColStatus)->data(RoleJobState).toInt() != jobState) {

The expression item(pos, ColStatus) evaluates to NULL, hence the crash.

In my case, updateJob() is called from JobModel::getJobFinished() at line 202
within a branch described as "found at wrong position, take it and insert on
the right position", see

Perhaps this is already enough for one of the developers to come up with a
solution. I’d be happy to help as much as I can.

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