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I did have decorations. I am still running Firefox 59 (not 60). I removed those
window decorations by right-clicking the title bar, selecting "More Actions",
and selecting "Special Application Settings". In that dialog, I went to
"Appearance & Fixes", selected the "No titlebar and frame" option, in the
dropdown selected "Force" and in the radio button selected "Yes", I then
pressed "OK" to see the changes, but it closed the window and applied that
change immediately, with no way to get it back.

This applies to every other application and window where these changes can be
made to. I am simply asking for a way to be able to preview the changes (a la
an "Apply" button) without closing the window, so I can see changes and:
(a) Not be stuck,
(b) If I don't like the changes (and didn't remove the title bar), I don't have
to go through the lengthy process to open the settings window again:
right-click titlebar> More Actions> Special (Window|Application) Settings...

Thanks :-)

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