Bug ID: 394397
           Summary: Systray randomly stops displaying things on click
           Product: plasmashell
           Version: 5.12.5
          Platform: Archlinux Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: System Tray
  Target Milestone: 1.0


I am  not sure what triggers this, but sometime the systray becomes partially
useless. I can click on any icon or the arrow and interact with them, but no
extra panel will be seen, say I can click on the bluetooth icon but no
bluetooth panel will be seen although there is a little blue line appearing on
top of the icon... I am not sure if the panel is not popping up, or if it is
but hidden/somewhere else.

Usually I restart my computer/ Plasma to fix it, but while writing this bug I
unlocked the widgets in the panel, removed one, relocked the widgets, and
strangely systray is working fine again.

I am on Arch Linux, Plasma 5.12.5, frameworks 5.46 but this has happened for a
while, maybe 6 months or more, so it's nothing related to those exact releases.
I'm on X11 with 4 virtual desktops if it matters.
I am not sure anymore, but it is possible that the issue only happens when I
have Kodi opened full screen on a virtual desktop. I often have it open even if
not playing anything so it may be unrelated or not, just thought I would
mention it.

Please ask for any information needed.

Thank you!

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