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Apparently no -dbg package are available on Arch :/

On top of that, after more tests, look slike I have several 'behaviors'.

First one : 
- fresh boot, start console, plug : ll screen ok.
- startplasma : ok
- unplug : still ok !
- replug : screens not seen :(

unplug replug, pc freeze.

Something I noticed on the console after I plug /unplug again on consile : 

UdevQt: unhandled device action "unbind"    (repeated lots of time)

same thing with "bind"

I understand this bug can't go anywhere if I don't provide more input ... and I

Feel free to close it, I'll try again in a few releases.

For the records if anyone steps by :
laptop is dell xps13 9350
usb-c device is a kensigton SD4600P

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