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--- Comment #9 from Peter Wu <> ---
This is possibly related to bug 336369 which requests a GUI item to trigger
suspend while this bug requests functionality for normal power/suspend keys.

In that enhancement request, Kai said:
> We removed the shutdown option and the like due to security reasons, so it 
> doesn't make sense to add a suspend option, I suppose?

There were also some arguments from Nate about how other platforms (Windows,
macOS, GNOME) still provide the options to shutdown/suspend the device.

Given that in most cases (*handwaving*) Plasma runs on consumer laptops and
desktops, and not in a lab setting, what about handling suspend/power buttons
(and add GUI buttons if necessary) by default and provide a setting to disable
it if necessary (for lab setups?)? In many setups, you could also pull out the
battery, remove the power cable or force-press the power button.

To illustrate why I find this feature desirable: sometimes I lock a screen,
walk away and when I return, I just want to suspend it using a shortcut from
the lock screen. That does not work at the moment, I have to type a long
password just to be able to suspend (inconvenient if I am in a hurry).

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