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Show loading status of original and incremental version

I can reproduce this bug in master

When it happens the file never shows the content during that session. It
happens apparently randomly but only with the file provided. The screen shot
shows the original file on the right. any attempt to open that file will result
in a solo background.

Saving an incremental version, closing the file and opening the new incremented
version makes the strokes show up normally.

To try and reproduce on master:
1. Open Krita
2. Open file
3. if file opened correcly
4.   close krita inmediatly with Ctrl+Q
5.   repeat from step 1

NOTES: If the new file dialog is shown it is less likely to occur (but since is
random its not a given)

If the bug is triggered and the incremental version was generated. Opening the
incremental version in the same session will always show. But the original file
fails always

When creating the incremental version console ouputs
´╗┐ KoStore: Duplicate filename "unnamed/layers/" KoStore: Duplicate filename "unnamed/layers/.defaultpixel"

It might or not be related, but saving another incremental version, does not
produce those messagess.

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