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This is probably one of the reasons GIMP made "Save" and "Save As" XCF
exclusive and other formats can only be saved using export. This made imposible
to loose work by not saving on this scenario of save/close.

It is confusing to have, after a Save As PNG, all layers and masks. It gives
the false idea that you are keeping your changes on every save. The warning can
be easily missed as the design is not very calling, far from the "ok" button,
and blended in the dialog.

Victor has made some good points. I think krita could protect the user a little
more on this. It is not that hard to forget on a work session that you changed
the format after a Save As, and on an act of carelessness close Krita only to
realize after closing that the last time saved was a png. It might not be that
common to report as normally the user takes the blame for it, or at least i

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