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         Resolution|WAITINGFORINFO              |---
             Status|NEEDSINFO                   |CONFIRMED
            Summary|Krita very unstable on OSX  |Tools become unresponsive
                   |10.13.5                     |sometimes after
                   |                            |using/setting "Smart Patch
                   |                            |Tool"
          Component|Brush engines               |General
     Ever confirmed|0                           |1

--- Comment #3 from vanyossi <> ---
This report seems to be 2 bugs instead of one.

PopUpPalette works perfectly fine, but because the "cursor gets stuck" problem
it causes the cursor to remain in painting more instead of changing to the
arrow. The workaround for now is to set the cursor shape to something other
than "no cursor". This will work for brush tool but not for the patch tool as
it doesn't have a cursor shape :c

I could only get the tools stuck one time and it seems to be related to a
problem in PopUpPalette and the ResourceManager as when it happened the tags in
the PopupPalette were not working properly displaying random brushes instead of
the brushes for that category. However in your video it seems to happend after
a tile got badly rendered, not after using the popupPalette. After it got stuck
no tool on any document created in that session would work afterwards.

After some trying I could get the state of tools stuck a little consistent but
im not entirely sure when, it sometimes happen after selecting the patch tool
and haveing a enormmous brush size, others after closing the popUpPalette. I'll
 confirm this this bug for now.

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