--- Comment #5 from Karl Ove Hufthammer <> ---
(In reply to Adrián Chaves (Gallaecio) from comment #1)
> I’ve made some progress on this issue. With a simple change, I can make
> Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab behave like Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] currently do.

I wasn’t aware of the ‘Ctrl + [’ and ‘Ctrl + ]’ shortcuts. They don’t work with
my keyboard layout (where [ and ] are not *keys*, just characters accessible
using the ‘Alt Gr’ key in combination with the ‘8’ and ‘9’ keys). And I
couldn’t find them in the shortcut config dialogue.

If there were (‘Ctrl + [’ and ‘Ctrl + ]’) available for cycling between the
tabs, this would be very useful (and this bug report wouldn’t be needed). But
at least on my (Norwegian) keyboard layout, there aren’t. There’s only the
‘Previous tab’ and ‘Next tab’ shortcuts, which I find utterly confusing and
useless (and whose behaviour is completely different from the ‘Previous tab’
and ‘Next tab’ features in *other* KDE applications, like Dolphin and

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