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--- Comment #4 from Mark Wielaard <> ---
The root cause is that ld -z separate-code introduces various new PT_LOAD
segments and the code in valgrind interpreting the PT_LOAD mappings is very
specific about what is does and what it doesn't consider a code or data mapping
to match symbols and debuginfo against.

There are various bugs for this:

The following valgrind bug is also somewhat related: "ELF debug info reader confused
with multiple .rodata* sections"

The issue can most easily be seen using --trace-symtab=yes which will show the
PT_LOAD program headers and flags.

There are two places in the code which interpret the mappings/flags and try to
map things to debuginfo.

coregrind/m_debuginfo/debuginfo.c (di_notify_mmap) and
coregrind/m_debuginfo/readelf.c (read_elf_debug_info)

Note in the first that it doesn't set up is_ro_map unless compiled for darwin.
Note in the second that it seems to only consider the first PT_LOAD segment and
bails out when that doesn't match.

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