--- Comment #3 from Henrik Fehlauer <> ---
At least commits shouldn't break people's existing workflows ;)

We could provide default shortcuts for every mode (Fit/Fill/100%), but
switching back and forth is much quicker when you don't have to hunt for
another key and can simply toggle the same shortcut.

How about doing both:
- "=" for 100%, Ctrl++ and Ctrl+- for Zoom In/Out (like in Firefox)
- "F" for Fit (zoom to 100% if already zoomed to fit)
- "Shift+F" for Fill (zoom to 100% if already zoomed to fill)

And for middle-clicking, it could work like this (to be added to the docbook):
- Middle-click: Toggle between Fit and 100%
- Shift + middle-click: Toggle between Fill and 100%

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