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Is it possible to disable kscreen (without uninstalling) so that all screen
management can be done by xrandr?

As a test, I removed packages libkscreen and kscreen and used xrandr with very
good results. The problem is that I also had to remove powerdevil. I don't
think I want to manage power settings on a laptop without powerdevil,
therefore, I cannot leave libkscreen and kscreen uninstalled. But I would like
to know if there is a way to tell kscreen to stop managing screens so that I
can do it myself with xrandr. 

I do not want to compile any packages, apply any patches, etc.

Alternatively, can I control kscreen manually the way I would use xrandr? I see
that a binary called kscreen-doctor exists, but I don't see a manual entry for
it and I don't see any mention of it on the Arch Linux wiki (or anywhere else).

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