Bug ID: 397370
           Summary: In tree mode the UI space normally reserved for icons
                    is occupied by the tree hierarchy, which results in
                    visual glitches when processes run in the background.
           Product: ksysguard
           Version: 5.13.3
          Platform: Archlinux Packages
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: minor
          Priority: NOR
         Component: ksysguard
  Target Milestone: ---

Created attachment 114402
Screenshots demonstrating the glitch.

NOTE: The actual package version is 5.13.4.


When a process is running in the foreground, its entry in ksysguard consists of
an icon and a name.

When a process is hidden but still running in the background, e.g. by being
minimized in the tray, the icon is hidden in the ksysguard entry, leaving only
the process name.

The space normally occupied by the icon when it's visible is not removed when
the icon is hidden; instead all entries have some space to their left reserved
specifically for their icon, presumably so they can maintain their alignment
with the rest of the entries regardless of whether they themselves currently
have an icon visible or not. This works as intended in default mode.

In tree mode, though, that approach actually produces a couple of visual

Steps to reproduce:

1) Switch ksysguard from "All Processes" mode to "All Processes, Tree" mode.

2) Have some apps running in the background. In my test case these will be
nextcloud, polkit-kde-authentication-agent-1 and pamac-updater (not visible at
first). I have also tested with qbittorrent, qsyncthingtray, yakuake,
dolphin... It's pretty much a standard behaviour. [see first screenshot]

3) Open those apps in the foreground. In my case I restored nextcloud from the
tray and at the same time ran pamac-updater and opted to refresh its databases,
which prompted me for my password and brought polkit-kde-authentication-agent-1
to the foreground.

Icons for the apps appear next to their respective entries. The problem is
that, because the space normally occupied by the icon is in this mode occupied
by the tree hierarchy, the entry is pushed to the right so that extra space can
be made for the now visible icon. This has the effect of actually BREAKING
alignment. [see second screenshot]

4) Close the apps. In my case I minimized nextcloud to the system tray again,
and at the same time entered my password in the prompt, ran the database update
and closed pamac-updater.

What happens is that the icons disappear again, as expected, but here is the
second, real glitch: the now text-only entries never go back to their original
position, instead retaining the space previously occupied by the icon as empty
padding. [see third screenshot]

This glitch can easily be "fixed" by closing and reopening ksysguard's UI.
Switching tabs or modes doesn't have any effect though.

Also, this happens to every single process entry, but in the case of apps like
e.g. dolphin it's not apparent because the entry is removed completely when the
app closes (i.e. no background process) so the glitch is not visible for more
than a split second.

Expected results:

1) Regarding the push-to-the-right issue, I don't know if something different
can or should be expected. It could be ignored as a harmless tree-mode quirk,
or it could be made so that the tree hierarchy occupies its own space instead
of the icon space.

2) Regarding the second glitch, the behaviour should be that at least the entry
returns to its original position after being pushed to the right. In other
words, the extra space for the now hidden icon should be removed.

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