--- Comment #20 from Kevin Colyer <> ---
(In reply to Stefan Brüns from comment #19)
> An exponential backoff would only help if baloo would index the same files
> recurrently.
> If you add new documents to your indexed folders, baloo will process these.
> It will not get better when you commit changesets double the size, the
> stalls will be even longer.
> This is *not* a trivial problem which can be solved by adjusting a single
> knob.
> Baloos datastructures currently impose a changeset size which is
> approximately proportional to the size of the database. Adding/changing a
> single small document can cause a DB update of several 100 MBytes.

Thanks for the prompt feedback. Currently I have to do a manual exponential
backoff of switching off baloo and turning it on overnight to do it's

Given that a "single small document can cause a DB update of several 100
MBytes." might there need to a fresh look given to the underlying data
structure? That seems sub-optimal to me as a user who is struggling with the
indexing processes unintended side-effects.

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