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I'm on 5.13.5

This always happens to me too.  I keep my pain panel on the left of the screen
and my widgets/plasmoids on the right.  Anything that changes my screen
resolution completely shuffles and resizes my right plasmoids all out of whack
whether "Lock Widgets" is enabled or not.  Even if they're locked, I need to
unlock and move them back to where they should go.  Even my login screen is
1080 resolution but after login it goes to 4k, which means every login shuffles
my widgets which are clearly anchored to the top right side of the screen.

I would think LOCK WIDGETS would lock them no matter what, but QT still tries
to shuffle them to fit smaller resolutions.  Highly frustrating.  I tried
digging through the code to see if QT allowed a true "LOCK" option on things
like this but sadly don't have the time to sort through so much code right now.
 Maybe someone else out there has some QT/KDE/Widget insights?

This has always been an issue for me going back to KDE4 sadly and now that I'm
on a 4k screen I'd love a fix :)


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