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Git commit 55eb68ff63646050311f8b689752ad500246c916 by Harald Sitter.
Committed on 07/12/2018 at 12:55.
Pushed by sitter into branch 'master'.

fallback to dnssd service discovery if smb listDir failed on root

This elevates a problem with newer SMB protocol versions and smbclient
not supporting discovery/browsing. when not using older (as in:
ancient) protocol versions discovery doesn't work and smb:/ gives no

By falling back to DNSSD based discovery we can ensure discovery of DNSSD
remotes (namely linux and osx) is always working. Windows unfortunately
does not support DNSSD and as such will not benefit from this mode of
discovery and continue to be unlisted when using a protocol version
without browsing support.

CHANGELOG: When SMB Discovery is not working (protocol > SMB1) host discovery
will now fall back to DNS-SD/Avahi/Bonjour.
Related: bug 392447

Test Plan:

client min protocol = SMB2

Lists devices

Reviewers: #frameworks, #dolphin, broulik

Reviewed By: broulik

Subscribers: acrouthamel, alexde, bcooksley, ngraham, kde-frameworks-devel,

Tags: #dolphin, #frameworks

Differential Revision:

M  +6    -0    CMakeLists.txt
M  +3    -0    config-runtime.h.cmake
M  +16   -3    smb/CMakeLists.txt
M  +1    -0    smb/kio_smb.h
M  +126  -3    smb/kio_smb_browse.cpp

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