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This seems different to #394119 (I am the submitter of that bug)

In #394119, the panel will successfully autohide after all windows wanting
attention have received focus. The issue there is that workflow is disturbed by
having to focus other windows to re-hide the panel.

In this bug, OP describes that autohide remains broken even _after_ all windows
have received focus. A restart of plasmashell is required to reset the panel.

This bug might be solved by an accepted solution for #394119, but the behaviour
is definitely distinct and separate.

I changed the status back to 'Reported' because I never experienced the
specific behaviour described by OP, and noted that this bug may depend on

OP: you could try `killall plasmashell; sleep 3; kdeinit5_wrapper plasmashell`
and see if that works as a less intrusive kludge to temporarily fix the issue.

You could also try my patch from #394119 which completely prevents the panel
un-hiding when windows want attention.

Referenced Bugs:
[Bug 394119] Panel should not stop auto-hiding even when a window wants
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