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I tried to get the requested answers for you but did not succeed. I am not a
pro or programmer with linux, so I could not find the items you need.

When I install Bluestar Linux in a virtual machine it installs, and after that
automatically updates. After that is done (takes a long time!!), I reboot. The
KDE desktop tries to get up (I selected the Canadian design) and then I get the
error message window. When I close that, I have a black screen with a
horizontal line ca 1cm from the bottom with nothing under that line. When I
hoover the mouse over that box, I see the different selection possibilities
popup. I select console, and the bash shell opens at the user name level.. I
try to enter kwin_x11-replace but it says: command not found.
I tried to go up one level at the time (home, file system) but it does not find
the command.

I tried to find in all levels /.config/kwinrc but could not find that either.
That is maybe, because directories of files are not enabled for viewing
and I do not know how to do that from the console.



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>#9  0xb7d981e3 in abort () at /usr/lib/

It'll be leaving a message when it quits, can you run "kwin_x11 --replace" from
a console and tell me what it says. Also if possible debug symbols or QtScript.

Finally your ~/.config/kwinrc

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