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(In reply to Ahmad Samir from comment #7)
> In vi-mode, kate behaves like this, IIUC:
> - if you copy text via Ctrl+C or yanking (which is specific to vi-mode), you
> can paste the text with Ctrl+V (in and out of kate) or a plain command p
> - if you copy text from outside kate, you can paste it in kate via Ctrl+v,
> but if you want to paste it via the vi-mode commands you'd have to use "+p

Can you please elaborate a little about using "+p ?
If that is a special case and works, that still is a good thing.

> So, if there's a bug here, I'd say that kate shouldn't copy the text to the
> clipboard if the user yanks the text in vi-mode, that would match the
> behaviour in vim. But I am by no means an expert when it comes to vim or the
> vi-mode in kate, so...

I agree. But that is something for you or the other developers to confirm. Even
in vim, there's the +clipboard feature wherein when you yank something in vim,
it gets copied to the clipboard.

Now, like you said, it could very well be that kwrite/kate is internally having
its own clipboard when run in 'vi mode'. And it copies the buffer to that
clipboard when something is yanked in kate's 'vi mode'. Doesn't feel like that
is what the kate devs must have done, but there is the possibility. And if that
is the case, it'd be nice to have this bug report turned into a Feature Request
to have an option to sync 'vi-mode' copy buffers to the Klipper clipboard.
Essentially, implement the equivalent of vim's +clipboard feature.

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