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Do not go back to windows, try Olive Video Edition, which is still unfinished,
what we call alpha status, but it has fewer errors than kdenlive ... the kde
team should do a very serious reflection on this editor, there is no person who
I recommend that two days later he asks me for another recommendation ...
because it closes them, fails them, etc ... and this with versions 17, 18, and
the 19 ... a disaster. It's sad but in Gnu / Linux we do not have a free
alternative to mount video that is satisfactory. I am looking forward to the
project that I quote you at the beginning. I have more than 20 tutorials
written about kdenlive, with their corresponding videos, in Spanish, but what I
started with enthusiasm with what I chose as the best free alternative has
ended in a big disappointment, with kdenlive I do not enjoy working as if I
enjoy blender, gimp, Krita, inkscape, synfigstudio ...
Sorry I did not show up, my name is Rafa and I work in the audiovisual world in
special effects and 3D. I usually work with Avid, Premiere, SonyVegas or Final
Cut video editing, 3D with Maya and Blender and the image editing almost 100%
with Gimp when it depends on me, sometimes Krita, and photoshop when they are
projects that are being worked on on equipment from this application. With this
experience I affirm that kdenlive is badly written and can not be considered a
good video editor to an editor that requires the user to be a computer
programmer. Here I leave it, but I think my disappointment is clear.

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