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Damian, your use case is valid, but the approach suggested won't entirely work.

In X11, we compose the mouse pointer over the image in most cases (except when
we invoke KWin to grab an image for us), so we can un-compose the image.
However, in Wayland (and that 10% of the time when we invoke KWin under X11),
we'll need to take multiple screenshots. Invoking the screenshot API is
computationally cheap, but not free, and there will be subtle differences
between the two images. Also, multiple images at common but big sizes (think
multiple 4K displays) will eat up an incredible amount of memory, all for the
difference of a few pixels of difference. Storing image deltas is another idea,
but again, a lot of work for very little gain.

Also, this just will never work with the rectangular image cropper on any
platform. Given how much refactoring will have to be done and how ugly the
result will be (from a code complexity and performance point of view), I really
wouldn't want to spend much effort implementing this.

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