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I attached two messages for test cases, one that fails and one that passes.

"List-Post and Reply-To" contains a List-Post header with a mailing list
address and a Reply-To header with a different address.  That is the test case
that Denis Kurz needed in comment 13.  Using Kmail 5.7.3, when I select that
message and press the "Reply" button, the reply's To address is set to the
reply-to address, not the list's address, so this bug is fixed for that case.

The attachment "List-Post and no Reply-To" matches the original problem
reported by Peter, 15 years ago.  It contains a List-Post header with a mailing
list address, a Sender header with a different address, a From header with a
third address, and no Reply-To header.  When I reply to it, the reply's To
addresses are set to the original To and CC addresses, not the From address! 
This behavior is different from the original report, but it is still incorrect.

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