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a full explanation why I think this dialog is important:

Some info concerning this...

The Multiple layouts mode is a special mode that combines multiple layouts
together in order to assign them in different Activities and in the upcoming
v0.9 in order to enhance that and give the user the freedom to have shared
panels/docks for different Layouts... That will be called "Shared" Layouts...
All this will be presented in the audience the upcoming months when the GUI way
to support that is available, currently the user has to edit the layouts file
by himself.

Concerning the mentioned message and its relation to Multiple mode. Plasma can
not distinguish different layouts runtime BUT it supports under X11 having
windows at different Activities. In order for Latte to achieve this, it tricks
Plasma infrastructure and the combination of multiple layouts is presented to
it as a single casual layout.

All this is happening through
~/.config/latte/.multiple-layouts_hidden.layout.latte file.
For example lets say that Latte wants to present three different layouts [A],
[B] and [C].

When Latte starts the multiple layouts hidden file is empty. The Layout A first
is loaded into multiple layouts file. The Layout B before is added into the
multiple layouts file must first update itself concerning applet ids,
containment ids etc... in order to not confllict with [A] and create crashes.
After Layout B has updated its settings to not conflict with A it is added into
the multiple layouts file. When Layout C must be loaded also it must do exactly
what B did in order to not conflict neither with A or B. In the end of the
process, A,B,C have been loaded in multiple layouts file and live in there as
long as Latte runs.
When Latte will close itself properly all three layouts will return their
settings in to their corresponding original layout files and the
.multiple-layouts file should be empty from any layout settings.

If things go wrong for example Latte crashed or did not close properly in the
end then the next time it will start the first thing to check is the multiple
layouts hidden file. If in there there are layout settings even though it
shouldnt the mentioned message appears BUT of course Latte is trying to protect
you by completing properly the process to empty the .multiple layouts hidden
file and return the layout settings to their original files.

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