Bug ID: 410888
           Summary: Rasp PI runs hot on Kaffeine. Shut down and loses all
                    programed stations.
           Product: kaffeine
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: critical
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
  Target Milestone: ---

I have a desktop Windows machine with a Haupauge 2250 that I have setup as a
media machine using qbittorrent for downloading a few movies and documentaries
and WinTV to record a few over the air broadcast programs. It works fine
however because I have to leave it on it is consuming power.  When I found the
low power consumption of the Raspberry PI 3 and could be left on 24/7 I got one
and a Haupauge 955Q and have been setting it up (not easy because I am a self
taught Windows boy…writing code is not in my playbook).  

So far qbittorent is working fine.  I called Hauppauge about what media player
would work with this linux based unit and they said Kaffeine so I installed it.
 Live TV is jerky but that’s okay because I don’t watch it on the PI; I
transfer to my regular network and it plays fine.  However the issues I have

1-When it is running (playing live TV) I get a temperature warning and when I
go to shut off Kaffeine it warns me I have recordings scheduled, which I take
to mean they won’t record when I shut it off.  Will it still record if I shut
it down?  Or is there a way to “minimize” it so the temp doesn’t go so high?  

2-When I have shut it down it seems to lose all of my saved TV stations.  The
names/numbers are still in the left window but all I get is black screen.  How
to fix that?

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