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Agata (Tiar, Tymond) found the same issue on her Intel test system. She hadn't
changed anything, not the hardware, not the version of Krita, but only got a
Windows update:

12:12:45 < tiar> dmitryK|log: um...
12:12:55 < tiar> dmitryK|log: I didn't even change anything
12:13:04 < tiar> just make a new picture
12:13:10 < tiar> let me open an old one...
12:14:03 < tiar> dmitryK|log: recent Windows Update broke it
12:14:51 < tiar> dmitryK|log: like, it worked before I went to the sprint, now
I just opened Krita and it's black canvas + area around canvas 
                 and I know that Windows updated in the meantime
12:15:02 < tiar> boud: ^
12:17:28 < tiar> (I didn't change any settings, I didn't check the 709 thing
12:23:37 < tiar> it's as expected: everything HDR is black (canvas, area around
canvas, Small Color Selector), everything non-HDR (layer 
                 thumbnail, Advanced Color Selector etc.) is not black
12:38:54 < dmitryK|log> tiar: you mean that it is black for p2020pq mode,
12:45:38 < tiar> dmitryK|log: yes
12:45:53 < tiar> dmitryK|log: it's black for the same settings it wasn't black

So the windows update broke things, but the question is... Did that expose a
bug in Krita, or did Windows just break this unconditionally.

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