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I am using Windows 10, Having same problems recently, Version4.8.3 or 2, trying
to remap account, however, several other are already mapped, still get same
error message, I set up a new data base and can now import from Quicken, on
computer program.

Leonard Bellamy

From: Jack
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Subject: [kmymoney] [Bug 410954] Bank Download

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>From the OP by personal email:  I am running windows 10, when I first stating
using the program about 6 months ago I could download from my bank okay, then I
started having problems. I downloaded the update last night. I cannot import
from Quicken, either.

Leonard, please keep all messages about this posted to the bug, not personal

So are you on Win 10, and the Win CE in the bug header was just a mis-click? 
That certainly avoids some unknowns.  However, please be clear about all steps
you took.
1)  What problems were you having with the prior version?  Which prior version?
2)  After you upgraded, what did you try and what problems did you have.
3)  Did the program remember the online mapping for the account, or did it
claim the account was not mapped?  In other words, why were you trying to remap
the account.  (That's the reason it was trying to download the bank list.)
4)  When you say you can't import from Quicken, is that an online update, or
importing from a local file?
All these details are important, so we understand exactly what is happening. 
Without that, we can't really be sure what's wrong, or even what to suggest you
try next.


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