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(In reply to Lewis Lakerink from comment #6)
> I can also confirm this issue. Using kscreen-doctor with 1.25x under wayland
> causes exactly the same pixelated fonts as your screenshots, Brian.
> I first encountered this issue some 12-18 months ago, and it is a show
> stopper for me using Plasma as I have a dell xps 4k with 2 external 4k
> monitors, which exceeds the maximum buffer size for the modesetting xorg
> driver (when scaling with xrandr). And the intel xorg driver is noticeably
> laggy at this resolution.
> Sadly, I have since moved over to using Gnome 3.32 with wayland which has
> been working well, but I'd still like to come back Plasma when this issue
> can be resolved.

Well it seems roman might have some patches in the works for solving the
blurriness, but they'll need some revision.
( Thankfully fractional scaling just got
added the UI for plasma 5.17 by him as well, so there will definitely be more
people reporting this issue if it's a widespread one. Definitely exciting to
see all this progress.

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