--- Comment #5 from Gunter Ohrner <> ---
(In reply to Antonio Rojas from comment #4)
> That's the problem then, you are explicitely asking it to use the deprecated
> kde4 interface. Use kwallet5 for the KF5 one. This is indeed quite poorly
> documented.

Thanks, this actually seems to work (even though I'm currently still on the old
kwalletd, so I'll have to properly check this after upgrading again.)

"Poorly documented" is some kind of understandment here, though - Chromium does
not even list kwallet5 as a possible value for this option in it's command line

        Set the password store to use.  The default is to  automatically
        detect  based  on  the  desktop  environment.  basic selects the
        built in,  unencrypted  password  store.   gnome  selects  Gnome
        keyring.  kwallet selects (KDE) KWallet.  (Note that KWallet may
        not work reliably outside KDE.)

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