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            Summary|Media keys don't work       |Have kded or plasmashell
                   |reliably with multiple      |handle media-related
                   |MPRIS data sources          |keyboard shortcuts so they
                   |                            |don't stop working when all
                   |                            |Audio Volume applet/widget
                   |                            |instances are removed

--- Comment #12 from Nate Graham <> ---
(In reply to 8192 from comment #10)
> You may be right about the plasmoid -- a while ago, I think I discovered
> another clue, but regretfully didn't report in and may be mistaken now: 
> if I booted with the Media Player thingy in my tray (the "plasmoid"?)
> disabled from "Configure System Tray...", Elisa would start and not respond
> to media controls until the Media Player in the tray was re-enabled. Maybe
> this is why I initially ran into the issue because, usually, I always had it
> disabled since I never needed it.
Yep, it sounds like this is exactly the issue, which I can both reproduce and
explain: it's because the Media Player applet/widget is what handles media
keys. If you remove all of them, nothing is left to handle the media keys. The
same thing happens to your volume keys if you remove or disable all instances
of the Audio Volume applet/widget (See Bug 391578).

A solution might be to have the kded deamon or even plasmashell itself register
these keys so you don't lose functionality if you opt to disable system tray
applets without adding their widget versions.

Kai, would it be feasible to move media key handling out of the Media Player
applet/widget and into kded or plasmashell or somewhere else? Though then I
suppose the downside would be that in the KGlobalAccel KCM, the shortcuts would
show up under "KDE Daemon" rather than "Media Controller" or Audio Volume". I
wonder if there's a way to have the best of both worlds...

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