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Ok, I checked the saved file and... well, the outline looks the same as I
remember it, but painting now works accordingly. Before saving, I was only able
to paint on the bottom of the picture (see the blue brush strokes).

Conclusion: it isn't only a visual glitch; it saves wrong to the file, too.

Anyway, to reproduce the issue you need to:
1. Make a new layer.
2. Use a rectangle selection on it.
3. Right-click on the layer and select "Add local selection".
4. Go to that selection and use the move tool to move the selection completely
out of the range of the selection that was there before.

Outline doesn't move. Painting occurs in a different place (in the 'new'
location of the selection) than the outline suggests. Also after saving, the
painting will be available only in the 'old' location of the selection.

Painting and outline are consistent. Painting area is also the same after
saving and opening the file again.

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