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A very recent (Dec 03) fix for a crash bug associated with onion skins: seems to have also fixed this crash
bug, at least as far as the BallCrashTest.kra file is concerned.

@antha1299 Can you download and try the latest Windows portable 4.3.0 prealpha
build from:
and see if this works for you?

If it does then you might want use it because it has other bug fixes that give
an improvement over 4.2.8. (even though prealpha builds are not recommended for
normal daily use and may contain new or modified features that are not yet

It would be useful to understand why and how BallCrashTest.kra was able to
crash 4.2.8 and later 4.3.0 prealpha builds if you can provided any more
information about it.

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