--- Comment #25 from Pedro de Carvalho Gomes <> ---
Hard to say with this log. But it seems likely that it has to do with the old
PPA. Especially because its versions is newer (2.9.80) than mine (2.9.70); thus
apt may stick to the most recent.

In addition to trying to remove the other Amarok PPA, here are few more

- you can unset the localization at command line with "unset LANG". This way
you don't need to translate localized logs back to english

- I have attached a Dockerfile that downloads automatically Amarok for
(K)Ubuntu 19.10 and run the configure. After, a simple "make" (which I omitted
because it takes long) compiles Amarok.

If you're not familiar with docker, you still can use it as reference to
prepare your own build environment

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